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                              時代廣場Triple Play廣告屏廣告


                              Location: 729 7th Avenue, New York City, NY 10019 Southeast Corner of 7th Avenue and 49th Street
                              A unique stand-alone Gateway location into Times Square at the north end of the “bow tie”.
                              ? Full-motion, high resolution video with total flexibility in terms of the length of spot and schedule.
                              ? Provides over 10+ blocks of unobstructed visibility down 7th Avenue from as far north as Central Park.
                              ? With Broadway closed to vehicular traffic at 47th Street, the congestion on 7th Avenue results in significant dwell times.
                              ? The proximity to the main tour bus staging area offers a unique exposure to the tourists as they “take it all in”.
                              ? Entrances to the 49th Street subway stop surround the base of the Triple Play.
                              ? Nearly 3,800 square feet of LED displays using three synchronous signs.
                              ? The highest resolution outdoor signs in Times Square.

                              Triple Play廣告屏
                              媒體位置:曼哈頓時代廣場49th& 7thAve
                              視頻接受長度:15s, 30s, 60s

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